Herring’s Eye: Richard Herring

07 May 2014 | Interviews

This is an excerpt from my interview with Richard Herring. The interview can be read in its entirety in Issue Ten of New Escapologist. New Escapologist: Does it trouble you that the sun will explode one day and swallow up the evidence that humanity was ever here? Richard Herring: In my latest show I discuss […]

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Pants on fire: eleven crises witnessed by Momus

27 March 2012 | Interviews

Originally published in CACTUS “Every lie creates a parallel world. The world in which it is true”. So begins the The Book of Scotlands: a novel of speculative vignettes, each chapter introducing a different version of Scotland. Among their number is the Scotland in which money is abolished, the Scotland in which ten or more […]

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Renaissance Man: in conversation with Paul Bourgault

26 March 2012 | Interviews

Originally published in Side Street Review Paul Bourgault is a visual artist in Montreal. He usually works in collage and paints. Among his most recurring themes are those of Catholic and Renaissance iconography, and he often uses vibrant colour and sensuous imagery on his large canvases. It is a privilege to visit Paul’s studio. Seven […]

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The Rebel Dollar: Joseph Heath

03 September 2011 | Interviews

Originally published in Side Street Review As an artist, if I find myself thinking about economics, it is usually disparagingly. I’m not alone. For years, artists have rebelled against economics through parody in paintings, music, stand-up comedy and Turner Prize-nominated installation pieces. Unfortunately, if we want to comment upon economics intelligently in our work, we […]

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Poly Styrene

08 April 2011 | Interviews

Originally published at Verbicide Legendary punk front woman Poly Styrene has cancer and is reportedly too weak for chemotherapy. Three months after diagnosis, however, she is promoting her new studio album, Generation Indigo, from a hospital bed while nurses administer a miracle drug called Herceptin. It is from this bed in a British coastal town […]

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Status Anxiety and Bohemia: Alain de Botton

08 March 2011 | Interviews

This is a very short excerpt from my interview with Alain de Botton. The interview can be read in its entirety in Issue Five of New Escapologist. Employment often seems at odds with the happiness and internal values of the individual. Must it always be this way? There are broadly speaking two philosophies of work […]

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The Great Escape: Tom Hodgkinson (with Neil Scott)

25 November 2010 | Interviews

This is a very short excerpt from our on-stage conversation with Tom Hodgkinson. The interview can be read in its entirety in Issue Three of New Escapologist. Tom: I’ll go back to when I started the Idler magazine, which was in 1993. The reason I started was because I left university and I was beginning […]

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For the advanced minimalist: Leo Babauta

24 November 2010 | Interviews

Originally published at New Escapologist Leo Babauta is the founder of the Zen Habits website and books and (more pertinently to this post) the website, Mnmlist. His sites have thousands of readers. I caught up with Leo by email and asked him a few questions for the advanced minimalist: Q: After minimalism, do you find […]

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Genealogy of the Joke: Ian Macpherson

18 August 2008 | Interviews

Originally published at British Comedy Guide Some jokes get chanted like mantras in offices and playgrounds across the nation. Others, like trees toppled in empty forests, will remain unuttered forever in a lazy comedian’s scratchpad. Some jokes achieve immortality in popular parlance. Others die peacefully in their sleep. Just as a punchline is always remembered […]

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Fuck the mall: Judith Levine

22 September 2007 | Interviews

Originally published at New Escapologist The polar ice caps are melting, war is rife, natural resources are running out by the clappers and poverty is most definitely not history. Humanity’s ecological footprint is 23% larger than the planet can handle in terms of regeneration: as a species, we’re consuming far too much. While New Escapologist […]

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