It’s what the Web was made for

Hey look, you found an old-fashioned links page!

My Stuff

Internet Headquarters
New Escapologist
Covered in Seafood (photos)
From the Desque of Robert Wringham (substack)

Some Friends and Collaborators

Alan Dimmick
Landis Blair
Jonathan Simons
The Iceman
GingerBeard Mark
Ryan Vance
Komodo Kolektif
Louise Isobel
Sven Werner
Meadhbh Hendrie
Marcus Brownlow
Aefa Mulholland
Gabriel Featherstone
Ian Macpherson
Go Faster Chris
Aye-Aye Martin
Team Idler
Spencer Wakeling

Some Blogs I Follow

Richard Herring: Warming Up
iMomus (photos)
Dickon Edwards: Diary at the Centre of the Earth
Carrie Marshall: Bigmouth Strikes Again
The Whippet (newsletter)
Dirty Feed
Outside Left
Things I Find in the Garbage
The Pickle (newsletter)

Antisocial Media

Cook’d and Bomb’d (phimosis support forum)

Some Vlogs I Follow

Momus: Open University
Red Letter Media
Living Big in a Tiny House
Not Just Bikes
Sunny Wu
Hige and Me
Life in Atami
Better Than Food
Not So Blonde
Jazz Night in America
My Analogue Journal
Erwin Saunders (funny)

Some Publishers I Like

CB Editions
Fitzcarraldo Editions
We Heard You Like Books
Sternberg Press
Verso Books
P&H Books

Some Living Writers I Like

Dan Rhodes (Timoleon Vieta Come Home)
Fran Lebowitz (Reader)
Charles Boyle (The Other Jack)
Sarah Bakewell (How to Live)
Jerett Kobek (Only Americans Burn in Hell)
Shola von Reinhold (Lote)
Simon Crump (My Elvis Blackout)
David Sedaris (Carnival of Snackery)

Some Living and Undead
Comics Makers I Like

Paul Jon Milne
Kate Beaton (Ducks)
Emil Ferris (My Favouite Thing is Monsters)
Michael Kupperman
Sarah Andersen
Erin Roseberry
Landis Blair (already mentioned under friends and collaborators so you have to look at him twice)

Some Pods I Listen To

Greatest Generation 🖖
This American Life (the archive of 750+ eps is amazing)
Alexei Sayle
Dr Buckles
RHLSTP has been rubbish for years but the archive is good

Some Radio I Sometimes Remember Is On

Alexei Sayle’s Imaginary Sandwich Bar
Freak Zone
Late Junction
My old friend Johnston on Clydebuilt
Stewart Smith’s Jazz Police on Repeater Radio

Some archived radio oddities

Momus: Hearspool (Basic FM, 2013-14)
Baconface: Global Globules (Resonance FM, 2017)
Daniel Kitson Archive
NTS collections

Some Living Bands/Groups I Like

The Nightingales
Joe Howe
The Necks
Sons of Kemet
Trees Speak
Timber Timbre

Punishment Zone:
The Experimental Music Festivals I Go To

Counterflows (Glasgow)
Tectonics (Glasgow)
Le Guess Who (Utrecht)

Where Nobody Knows Your Name:
Some Glasgow Hangs

Serenity Now (Seinfeld-themed vegan brunch)
The Stand comedy club
Mono and Monorail Records and Stereo
Old Hairdressers
Hug and Pint
Sparkle Horse pub
Glad Cafe (including my mate Fergus’ Crossmylaff comedy club)
Mitchell Library carpets
Alasdair Gray Archive
Anti-Racism Community Library
Meanwhile, in Edinburgh: Paradise Palms 🌴

Causes with Effects

Right to Remain
Books Beyond Bars
Cool Earth
Scottish Green Party
Open Lavs

Slogans to live by

Private sufficiency, public luxury
Works as if you lived in the early days of a better nation
Infinite diversity in infinite combinations
No one is illegal
Love is Love
(Britain in the 1970s was one of the most equal of rich countries. Today, it is the second most unequal, after the US.)