Whoa there, Robert Wringham here. Writer-comedian and publisher of New Escapologist. Wait, don’t go!

Current Doings

Melt It! The Book of the Iceman is being adapted for film.

My novel Rub-A-Dub-Dub won a Saltire Prize. Sort-of.

New Escapologist Issues 14 and 15 are out now. 16 is on its way.

Catch my live show, The Annotated Audiobook if you can. LONDON DATE ADDED: July 11th, 9pm, at PEN Theatre.

I edited John Robinson’s book about Momus, one of my heroes.

I’ve not written many short pieces this year, but I still insist that they’re my main pash, that I’m “James Thurber with an anus,” and that you can read some old faves here.

For more current doings, see my now page.


What the sages said

“Delightful and insightful”
Ben Moor


“Excellent, brilliant, essential”
Stewart Lee

“Devilishly clever”
Arnold Brown

“The best prose writer I know”
Luke Rhinehart

“A literary gem”

“A terrific writer”
Arthur Matthews

Mark Watson

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