Melt It! The Film of the Iceman

Mark Cartwright is turning Melt It! the Book of the Iceman into a film for 2025.

Watch this space for glimpses of how it’s coming along and buy merch to help us finish it.

“This will be a fascinating documentary” — Robin Ince

In the 1980s and 1990s, Anthony Irvine was a comedian and cabaret performer. His act was a little unusual. As the Iceman, he went on stage… to melt ice.

Literally. He’d bring a large block of ice onto the stage then proceed to melt it (or fail to melt it) in a variety of creative ways. Among his fans were Mike Myers, Jo Brand, Mark Thomas, and Bill Bailey.

In 2010, when Robert Wringham wrote his book about this era of comedy, the Iceman could not be found.

But a couple of years later, Anthony Irvine popped up again. This time as a visual artist called aim. What was going on?

How much permanence and success can we assure for this man whose entire act was about impermanence and failure? Back the film and be among the first to find out.

Our aim (aim!) is to complete the film by late-2024, then we hope to secure a limited run of UK art cinemas and possible streaming distribution by our friends at Go Faster Stripe.

The blocks live on!