You Are Nothing

My first book, You Are Nothing, is available from comedy media kitchenette, Go Faster Stripe.

“Superb” — Dominic Cavendish, Telegraph


It’s! Simon Munnery. Stewart Lee. Roger Mann. Lori Lixenberg. Richard Thomas. Kevin Eldon.

Also! Richard Herring. Jason Freeman. Sally Phillips. Tom Binns. Andy Riley. Dave Thompson.

And! Harry Hill. Waen Shepherd. Al Murray. Graham Linehan. Johnny Vegas. Peter Baynham. Julian Barratt.

Cluub Zarathustra was an unorthodox comedy club based in an Islington pub basement between 1994 and 1997. Anticipating Fist of Fun, The Mighty Boosh, and Jerry Springer: The Opera, it all happened here, presided over by The League Against Tedium.

Those who attended bore witness to the birth of today’s finest comedy. They were also insulted, dribbled on, and forced to wear dunce’s caps. But that was all part of the fun.

Based on new interviews with the principal cast, supporting artists, and audience members (and on tonnes of fusty old interviews and press cuttings too), Robert Wringham tells the story of Cluub Zarathustra: the seldom-celebrated and viciously experimental underground comedy cabaret.

At last! The story of Cluub Zarathustra can be told. Finally! Roger Mann bares all. Regrettably! It’s mostly based on drunken half-memories from two decades ago.

Come. Join us at the wonkiest, yet arguably most important, crossroads in all of comedy history.


All good sub-wormes will buy the book.

If you’ve already bought it, go here for some extra features about the book’s production.

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