A Loose Egg

A Loose Egg is a collection of my humour writing. It was shortlisted for the 2015 Leacock Medal for Humour.

Get it at the Bastards’ Bookshop or from friendlier, Oxford-based Blackwell’s.

“Wringham’s book, A Loose Egg, cracks me up like few others … tightly written with a skill that Eric Nicol might have admired even at his prime.” — Canus Humorous



Indolent dandy Robert Wringham (“superb”—Telegraph) occupies a lazy, hazy, mazy world of geriatric flies, winking sparrows, and smiling labradoodles.

– a ‘Hungry Hippos’ hustle
– an operatic battle of wits
– the airline steward with a hole in his head

– how to jinx an important hockey game
– how to put the student loan company off your scent
– what not to do when you encounter a bear

– that real men sit to pee
– that noone should ever go swimming
– that the flight paths of flies can be redirected with the power of the human mind

Wringham’s vignettes have appeared in the Idler and Playboy and in his own weekly blog. Now, at last, his best humour has been lovingly torn from its original context and respectfully bashed into book form.

Yes, it’s time for the inevitable Robert Wringham miscellany. His finest comic peluche.


I have a nice story about attending the Leacock awards ceremony on behalf of A Loose Egg in the centenary edition of Canadian Notes and Queries. The same story also appears in my book, Stern Plastic Owl.

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