The Good Life for Wage Slaves

The Good Life for Wage Slaves is the ULTIMATE guide to living well in a hostile environment.

Available in the UK and Canada as a deluxe paperback and e-book, and in German as Das Gute Leben.

“brilliantly entertaining … effortlessly engaging … a dreamlike novelistic flavour.” — Brian Dean, Newsframes


Are you satisfied by your job? Do you leap out of bed each morning with a song in your heart, eager to travel swiftly and painlessly to a fabulous workplace where the layout and technology are perfectly adapted to your goals and needs?

What of home life? Do you return from work each evening with time and energy to get stuck into your rewarding, creative projects? Do you have a good grasp of the sort of “home economics” mastered by your parents’ and grandparents’ generations?

If so, this book is not for you. If, on the other hand, your experience of the worker-consumer lifestyle is a screaming Hell of clueless, unsatisfying, underpaid, carcinogenic, insecure shambling that you never signed up for and is an affront to your years of difficult and expensive study, The Good Life for Wage Slaves might be the helpful volume–or at least the shoulder to cry on–you’ve been waiting for. It contains swearing. Also cats.

Das Blurb:

Sie lieben ihren Job? Wunderbar, dann können Sie dieses Buch womöglich ignorieren. Sie lieben ihn wirklich, ganz und gar? Wenn da ein paar Fragezeichen aufleuchten, dann sollten sie dieses Buch lesen. Denn es gibt Hilfestellungen und Anregungen, wie man seine Arbeit mit dem, was Robert Wringham das Gute Leben nennt, kombinieren kann. Und wer weiß, vielleicht finden Sie im Guten Leben ihre Erfüllung.

Die Fortsetzung des Spiegel-Bestsellers Ich bin raus.


You can read an excerpt from the book here and another one here.