Be Free

“Delinquency is a sign of life. I am against crime because it feeds straight into the government system: for every crime committed, there is a tenfold attack on personal liberties. One bomb leads to a thousand new laws. Therefore, the real anarchist should avoid criminal acts at all costs”.

“Boredom was invented in 1760 … We have delegated the relief of boredom. We hand over our creativity to the professional musician or film-maker. We bore ourselves in order to earn the money that we will later spend trying to de-bore ourselves. That absurd modern trend called extreme sports springs to mind – in order to feel alive, because most of the year we feel dead, we hurl ourselves from a bridge every few months”.

Read a bit of Tom H’s How to be free in today’s paper.

Read it while drinking tea. Perhaps an 11 O’Clock tea. It’ll do you the world of good.

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