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Had a conversation with some friends last night about my staunchly held theory that TV Comedy programmes have gender.

This all started a few months ago when I noticed that my flatmate only likes a certain flavour of sitcom and that the divide seems to be male/female. He likes ‘female’ sitcoms but hates ‘male’ ones. The sexist.

The gender of a sitcom doesn’t necesarily correlate with the gender of the writers or stars but rather about the subject matter. Smack the Pony, for example, is male despite being written and performed entirey by ladies.

This idea would probably fly amongst students of ‘Gender Studies’ who would surely reward me with twenty virgins and make me their mayor. But among my stupid friends I am seen as a foaming madman.

Last night, they tested my theory by throwing various comedy programmes at it.

Curb Your Enthusiasm? Male.

The Simpsons? Male.

Lead Balloon? Female.

Absolutely Fabulous? Female.

The League of Gentlemen? Transgendered but largely male.

Never Mind the Buzzcocks? Male.

Frasier? Female.


Jam left me skuppered. I thought of Chris Morris’s terrifying opening sequences; of Mark Heap’s screaming head attached to a spinal column in a tiny bed; of Julia Davis’ damaged women; of Kevin Eldon’s Dung-Breathed Man. “Jam?” I snapped angrily, “Jam? Jam? Jam is not male or female it’s a fucking… plum. With gills.”

Coming next week: Books with Race.

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