Photography Competition

There are lots of Livejournalists who take pretty good photographs. Of this we are all aware. This is why I’m running a Livejournal-based Photography Competition in the hopes of harvesting some visual delight for indie magazine, The Escapologist.

The theme?

“Escape”. The theme is deliberately vague, but here are a few suggestions as to what your photographs might be about:

* a hobby or interest that provides an escape route from rubbish modern life
* incarceration, entrapment or claustrophobia
* freedom or liberation
* a place you seek to escape from – an office or other workplace
* a place you’d like to escape to – a seaside resort or distant space station
* idle dreams or fantasies to which one might escape
* escapological vices: drugs, alcohol, sex or Star Trek

Go nuts. Be imaginative.

The prize?

* All good pictures will be published along with your name (or pseudonym if you prefer) in the magazine.
* The best five will receive free copies of the magazine when we go to press.
* The very best one will make it onto the cover of Issue Two.

Good Luck!

Either post your pictures in the comments thread of this entry or email them to info[at]

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