Twilight of the Word

22 August 2019 | Diary

I’m reading the Edgeworks edition of The Harlan Ellison Hornbook. It probably has more front matter (introductions, dedications, author’s notes, copyright declarations, etc.) than any book I’ve ever seen. That’s if we don’t consider Tristram Shandy to be an entire novel of front matter or indeed The Book of Prefaces to be, well, a book […]

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Woodland Dirtybag

26 July 2019 | Diary

Man alive, what a book. I’m all shook up. My Elvis Blackout by Simon Crump, handed to me as if it were a woodland dirtybag, by my good friend unclef, is a novel about the King of Rock and Roll. Well, sort of. It’s properly hilarious, experimental and odd. The violence that characterises the book […]

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14 July 2019 | Diary

Unclef and his six-year-old daughter come over for tea. They bring books. And what books! I’ll see you in the autumn.

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