Time Wasting

STAR TREK VOYAGER‘S ROBERT PICARDO FOUND PRESERVED IN SOME SORT OF CRYSTAL. “Shittest piece of tat ever uncovered” declares top archaeologist.

“CARPE, the Central Alliance of Robert Picardo Enthusiasts, is offering Crystal Bob for a special price of $149.00, which is a great deal — and I’ll tell you why. First, Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas is selling these for $245.00. Second, 20% of the proceeds from the sale of these crystal sculptures benefits the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. So you can purchase a beautiful artwork, benefit children with AIDS, and acquire an impressive holiday gift for the Picardo-Phile in your life — or for yourself!”

It’s all very well declaring Sunday a day of rest, but today for me has taken the biscuit. Instead of working on my MSc Dissertation or writing one of the many articles I’ve promised to people, I’ve been discovering pointless sub-stuff like like this on the interweb.

Today’s hyper-explorations also lead me to some Youtube clips of Peter Cook submitting the British Countryside to Room 101; one of Tori Amos being interviewed by Zig and Zag on The Big Breakfast; and this inexplicable piece of miscellaneous crap.

Ah, TV. We hardly knew ya.

In other news, a picture I took appears on .

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