Egg: Reviewed

24 May 2015 | Announcements

Quietly proud of this book review from 6th Beatle, Dick Bourgois-Doyle at Canus Humorous. Wringham’s book, A Loose Egg, cracks me up like few others. Light and silly, it seems dedicated to no other purpose than to amuse people like me […] There is, nevertheless, something profound in Robert Wringham’s writing. A creative take on […]

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Pure Riddy

07 May 2015 | Announcements

I’ll be reading at Pure Riddy, part of the Glasgow Southside Fringe, on 21st May.

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Shortlisted for 2015 Leacock Medal

03 April 2015 | Announcements

It’s with great pride and a potent speedball of British and Canadian shyness that I announce my being shortlisted for this year’s Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal: the annual prize for the best humour writing in Canada. Did you hear that? The best. I’m at least the fifth-best humorist in all of Canada at the moment. […]

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New Book: A Loose Egg

08 November 2014 | Announcements

Here it is. I’ve got a new book out. It’s the long-anticipated (read inevitable) humour collection. It’s a 150-page anthology of refined and beautified diary entries, magazine items, and completely new material. I think you’ll find it properly hilarious, madam. The new book is called A Loose Egg and you can buy it from […]

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Escape Everything!

01 August 2014 | Announcements

With much pride and undignified dancing, I can now announce plans for a New Escapologist book. It’s to be called Escape Everything! It will be a chunky and beautifully-designed book of brand new work written entirely by yours truly (with perhaps a foreword from a New Escapologist favourite). It will be the definitive guide to […]

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