Robert Wringham über Eskapismus: German Press

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Ich Bin Raus, the German language edition of Escape Everything! has been doing well in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

We made it into the top 100 of the book chart and ordered a second print run after just a month.

Here’s a collection of press cuttings, largely interviews and reviews.

Berliner Zeitung
FÜR SIE spezial (PDF)
PT Magazine
Lausitzer Rundschau
Frei Presse
Süddeutsche Zeitung
Kontext, Austrian public Radio ORF OE1
Radio SRF 2 Kultur, Kultur kompakt, 29.08.2016, 16.50 Uhr
Aspekte (Science magazine show for ZDF television)
Behmanns Blog
Profile in Die Welt
Handelsblatt online
Huffington Post
Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland
Das Magazin

Also, my page on German Wikipedia is bloody massive.

In case you’re wondering, I’m not yet rich.

Pure Riddy 2: October 7th 2015

Doing five minutes of GOLD (alongside 12 other readers with their own golden fives) at Meadhbh Boyd’s lovely, supportive, hilarious gig. Come!

Glad Cafe, Glasgow. October 7th at 19:30.


Event! October 11th, 6pm.


Yea, I’m doing a night of readings for MyBookcase at the Project Cafe in Glasgow. It’s going to be fun. You’ll see if it isn’t.

I’ll read from A Loose Egg but also from my favourite dead humorists including Jerome K. Jerome, Dorothy Parker, and Douglas Adams.

What gets read after a certain point will be opened up to democratic referendum: the hostages get a say in the demands.

It’s free entry, madam, but you’ll want a ticket. Just like in a bakery.


Where did all the humorists go? Whatever happened to the avuncular masters and stink-eyed mistresses of the feuilleton? What happened to people like P.G. Wodehouse, Dorothy Parker, Jerome K. Jerome and Douglas Adams. Correct, madam, they are dead.

And as if rigor mortis weren’t enough of a drag, these fine people’s jobs have been usurped by straight-teethed Sunday Supplement types who go around writing books with titles like How to be a Bloke and an apparent aversion to cutting mustard.

No use for proper humorists today is it? No value to the neoliberal agenda are we? No place in a disintegrating economic climate is it? Madam, for one night only, I rise to your rhetoric and serve you with…


Go here to grab a free ticket.