Escape Everything!


With much pride and undignified dancing, I can now announce plans for a New Escapologist book. It’s to be called Escape Everything!

It will be a chunky and beautifully-designed book of brand new work written entirely by yours truly (with perhaps a foreword from a New Escapologist favourite).

It will be the definitive guide to escape: an entertaining study of the good life and an orderly plan of how to get there.

All being well, the book will be published by Unbound (a publisher set up by people from the Idler and QI–two of my all-time favourite things) and pumped into shops by Faber.

Needless to say, this is quite a big deal.

But it’s not in the bag yet. I need your help. Unbound’s business model is based upon an author making enough pre-sales to fund publication. In fact, I need about 400 pre-sales, which is a bit scary.

If you’d like to be among the first to get a copy and to help make the project actually happen, please go here to order the book today.

There are rewards for people offering larger pledges, but I’d be pleased as can be with a simple pre-order for the book itself. Up to you how far you go, of course, but I’m thankful to every last one of you. (And anyone who contributes gets her name printed in the back of the book).

A properly-published book about Escapology in the shops, folks. Would that not make the world a better place? Come on, help me to do this!

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