Two new W&G podcasts

With a sense of profound embarrassment (and sexual arousal), we draw your attention to two brand new Wringham & Godsil podcasts.

This double whammy belatedly celebrates Halloween and Jesus Ween.

The sound quality is a bit crappier than usual, especially in the first half of Episode 30. Sorry about that. You can hear me very well but Dan sounds a bit quiet, which some might argue is an improvement. Hah!

Limited time? Listen to the first eight minutes and the last twenty minutes of the “deliberately foul” Jesus Ween episode. It’s properly, darkly funny. I got a bit carried away in the safe sex discussion and, listening back now, am genuinely shocked by some of the unsavory things I come up with (all of which are meaningless jokes of course). I also like a later bit about murderous milkmen in which Dan says, charmingly, “You could wipe out a whole community if you liked”. I love his comedy mind.

In Episode 30: Y is for Your Wife’s Vagina, we celebrate Dan’s recent wedding and the near-death experience at the reception; ruminate about Max Schreck’s smelly wee; make a long-awaited return to our Urinal Fly efficiency debate; consider the mechanics of The Rapture (as presented by Kilroy); debunk all garlic-based superstitions; and lament Dr. Beeching’s failure to close Highley railway station. This podcast also features gourmet tramps; indoor tramps; tramp restaurants; and spruced-up pissers.

In Episode 31: J is for Jesus Ween, things take a darker turn when Rob frightens Dan with his ideas for a death-based advent calendar; we educate the public about safe sex (at last!); market Dan’s new “splat mat” and Rob’s new “Jizzel”; wrongly predict that next week will see the first ever resuscitation of a cryogenically-frozen head; discuss living hams, psycho milkies, poisoned yakults, sliced bear faces, chapatti masks, murdered Josephs, nonchalant corpses; and family-sized telepathic bacteria dinners.

Happy Jesus Ween, everyone!

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