Whistle and I’ll Come to You, Belfast

20th December 2012 will see the sensational Wireless Mystery Theatre perform my adaptation of the M. R. James ghost story, Whistle and I’ll Come to You at the Linen Hall Library, Belfast.

It’s part of a WMT evening of festive ghost stories (and mulled wine!) called Ghosts of Christmas Past.

Not familiar with the Wireless Mystery Theatre? Shame on you. Hear some snippets of their amazing work here.

And this is where to go for tickets.

I’m quietly proud of the script. Our version of Professor Parkin probably owes something to Johnathan Miller’s 1968 BBC television version, but he’s closer in spirit to the 1904 M. R. James original. I also added a scholarly extra touch concerning the Latin inscription on the whistle. As for our version of the ghost? Well, you’ll have to go along to find out.

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