Egg: Reviewed

Quietly proud of this book review from 6th Beatle, Dick Bourgois-Doyle at Canus Humorous.

Wringham’s book, A Loose Egg, cracks me up like few others. Light and silly, it seems dedicated to no other purpose than to amuse people like me […] There is, nevertheless, something profound in Robert Wringham’s writing. A creative take on the world and an imagination that can muse over Mr. Peanut’s monocle and 3-D movies, can mix organ transplants with an egg sandwich, and can intertwine dental hygiene with geo-politics. His essays are tightly written with a skill that Eric Nicol might have admired even at his prime.

You can still buy a copy directly from me.

I’ll quit the self-promotion and return to writing the diary soon, I promise.

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