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New Escapologist #1:

Identify your escape routes.


The New Escapologist is a zine dedicated to the art of making hasty exits. Using humour and critical psychology as investigative tools we discuss alternative lifestyles and ways out of the rat race.

Physical Description: A4. 42 pages. Colour Cover. Mono insides.

Country of origin: HQ in Scotland but includes writers from USA, England, Scotland and Sweden.

Price: £3.00 (plus £1.50 shipping)

#1 features work by:
* Lord Whimsy (author of The Affected Provincial’s Handbook)
* Judith Levine (author of the best-selling Not Buying It)
* Alfred Armstrong (Oddbooks.co.uk)
* Robert Wringham (your humble narrator)
* Stuart Harris-Logan (author of Singing with blackbirds)
* Livejournal’s own polka-dot pterodactyl, Cap_Scaleman;
* Neil Scott and many others.

Includes material about dandyism, Easter Island, psychology, Sigmund Freud, Luke Rhinehart, Mugabe, LSD and stacks more.

To read more about this zine or to buy your own copy, check out the official website at:


(And you can also see us at Zine Wiki)

“We had to wait thirty years for someone to come up with an idea like this – an indie magazine about escape attempts!!! Next step: a whole Escapology Cult.” – Prof. Stanley Cohen, London School of Economics.

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