Martin Soan

Originally published at The Skinny

Long before Vic Reeves or Harry Hill brought their brands of surreal humour to the mainstream, Martin Soan was tickling our fringe fancies with his impossible costumes and absurd enactments. While Soan is assuredly an originator of alternative comedy, he is not a stand-up as anyone would ordinarily define the concept. You won’t find many gags in his set revolving around humorous observation or witty digression, but rather an energetic piece of one-man theatre with lightning fast changes of homemade costume and a ridiculous surplus of bizarre and unpredictable props. Watching Soan perform is more akin to watching a cartoon made flesh than a stand-up comedian. When you laugh, it will be an uncontrollable and childish giggle: his jokes are stealth bombers flying beneath the radar of our sophisticated adult sensibilities. When was the last time you laughed at a hat? Or a pair of fake eyebrows? Martin Soan is at once hilarious, terrifying and childish, and is a master of non-sequitur.

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