Dear Robert,

I wanted to send a quick email to say how much I appreciated your latest diary entry – A Few Quick, Horrible Words. I agree entirely with your examples.

As a sports fan I am constantly annoyed at the the use of the verb “medalled” when referring to people who actually “won a medal”.

To the word “myself” I’d add the use of “yourself” in place of “you” which some seem to regard as somehow more polite and less abrupt.

Thank you for your ever-entertaining writing.

Best wishes,

Thanks M! I never have a clue if anyone reads this blog so comments and back-and-forth are truly appreciated.

Not being the biggest sports fan, I hadn’t come across “medalled” until you so cruelly brought it to my attention. It’s horrible isn’t it? It’s especially unfortunate as the word more usually means “tampered” or “interfered with,” which is not ideal territory when you’re talking about sporting achievement.

Yes, “yourself” seems to have less of a jabbing finger to it than “you,” doesn’t it? I think you’re right that it’s why some people use it. Maybe it has a slight Celtic twist to it too, which is not entirely without appeal. Still a bit crap though, eh?

Have a lovely sunny Sunday wherever you are,

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