Monster, Fun-Bucket Chaos

03 July 2019 | Diary

Neil‘s overhaul (4.1?) of my website is DONE. Overhauled, overnight. Fabulous!

There was some chat about running with this header image and a smaller, neater version of the same. “I prefer the energy and the monster, fun-bucket chaos of the larger one,” I said.


No bad credo for life, that.

It was also Neil’s canny choice to use the same typeface used on the cover of A Loose Egg.

Posts should now display properly on mobile phones and tablets and clever toasters.

4 responses to “Monster, Fun-Bucket Chaos”

  1. Neil says:

    And now with added comments!

    • Robert Wringham says:

      Huzzah! Nice work Neil.

      • Ecossaise says:

        I would wear clothing (t-shirt? cape? jaunty hat?) that said FUN BUCKET CHAOS ALL THE WAY. It would start conversations aplenty, I suspect…

        • Robert Wringham says:

          Aefa! My sides are in space. I didn’t even THINK of the euphemisms.

          I know what to get you next Christmas/Hanukkah/Canada Day anyway.

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