New Wringham & Godsil podcasts

Mr. Daniel James Godsil and I have taken up recording Wringham & Godsil’s Alphabites once more. It’s just a thing we do for fun but it wouldn’t be any good without an audience to imagine, so we release them into the wild.

Two new podcasts (“T is for Trailer” and “E is for Etterick”) are available now at the audio pages and there are two more episodes recorded and being edited as we speak.

Since I was away in Amsterdam this week, look out for a very special upcoming episode (“D is for Derek”) in which Dan is joined by the Ambassador of Average, Mr. Derek Gray. I’ve had a quick listen to the podcast and I can reveal that Mr. Gray delivers a “perfectly respectible” performance.

We’ll record one podcast a week but we’re a bit slow at editing and getting them online, so the total effect probably won’t be weekly.

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