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Escape Everything!

27 March 2016 | News Archive

My latest book is called Escape Everything! It’s a practical guide to getting out of things. Essential reading for wage slaves and idlers alike. Published by Unbound. Distributed by Penguin Random House. Available in proper bookshops and even online. Blurby: We are all trapped by modern life. Trapped! Trapped by work, consumerism, stress, debt, isolationism […]

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05 December 2015 | News Archive

Almost a year ago, a Toronto Star journalist got in touch because (a) I’d been shortlisted for the Leacock prize and (b) she wanted to know my thoughts on four of the five finalists being male. I can’t say I approved of the resulting article, but at least I got away with the best quotation […]

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Cluub Zarathustra

15 September 2011 | News Archive

I’m researching a book about Simon Munnery’s Cluub Zarathustra (1993-1997). If you performed at the Cluub or were in the audience for one of the shows, you’d be doing me a tremendous favour by getting in touch. Your account could sit alongside those of Stewart Lee, Richard Thomas, Simon Munnery, Kevin Eldon and many others. […]

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Upcoming Performance: ‘The Salon’

12 September 2011 | News Archive

On 10th October 2011, I’ll take part in The Salon for Untitled Projects at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh. The theme for the evening is ‘The Future’ and will involve my dressing up in Nineteenth-Century garb and performing my piece, The Escapological Eutopia: Five Dodgy Prophecies. There will be other speakers too, and even the audience […]

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It’s a Wringham & Godsil Edinburgh Festival show.

16 June 2011 | News Archive

Here it is! The inevitable live version of The Wringham & Godsil Podcast: part of Peter Buckley Hill’s much celebrated Free Fringe. We’re doing FOUR live podcast recordings, on 24, 25, 26 and 27 August 2011. The name of the show? We’ve gone with THE WRINGHAM & GODSIL PODCAST LIVE! to keep things simple. Here […]

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New Escapologist Issue Five launch event

09 May 2011 | News Archive

That there’s a New Escapologist gathering in Glasgow on 10th May 2011. If you fancy coming along, we’ll be at The Arches (beneath Central Station) between 6pm and 9pm. >Facebook event page. >Event page at The Arches. All are welcome. Bring friends. Meet the creative team behind the magazine, mingle with other readers and buy […]

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New Escapologist Issue Five available now

08 April 2011 | News Archive

Issue Five of New Escapologist is out now! My journalistic contributions include an interview with Alain de Botton, an account of my time living in a Glaswegian attic, and a new editorial called ‘Behind the scenes of New Escapologist’. Also in this issue are Dickon Edwards on bedsits and Quentin Crisp; Tom Mellors on Bohemian […]

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Wringham & Godsil Podcast 28

30 March 2011 | News Archive

Episode 28 is online now! This time we podcast live from a motorway service station in the North of England. Rob has sushi. Dan has fajitas. The hand-held recording device has some 69p zinc-based batteries. We’re ready to go! From Dan’s car, we discuss public toilet politics; Dan’s misinterpretation of the Jesus resurrection story; promote […]

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Wringham & Godsil Podcast: Series 2

18 March 2011 | News Archive

Our rambling, shambling, deliciously-dangling podcast makes a triumphant return with Episode 27: “A is for Beginnings”. This slice of podcast pie is also known as “Series 2, Episode 1”. Yes, we’ve decided to complicate the future of our once-simple numbering scheme. Needless to say, we anticipate a tsunami of frustrated fan backlash. But wait! In […]

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9th March-25th May 2011: Robert Wringham and the Chrono-Synclastic Infundibulum

03 March 2011 | News Archive

As a piece of performance art, I am making myself available to the public, every Wednesday noontime for the next three months. As if at the whim of a chrono-synclastic infundibulum, I will appear at Glasgow’s Kibble Palace between 12:00 and 13:00 every Wednesday until the end of May. You’ll find me sitting near the […]

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