Wringham & Godsil Podcast: Series 2

Our rambling, shambling, deliciously-dangling podcast makes a triumphant return with Episode 27: “A is for Beginnings”.

This slice of podcast pie is also known as “Series 2, Episode 1”. Yes, we’ve decided to complicate the future of our once-simple numbering scheme. Needless to say, we anticipate a tsunami of frustrated fan backlash.

But wait! In addition to the main podcast, we also recorded TWO pre-podcast chats. The first (26a) takes place in my mum’s house; and the second (26b) is a Robert Llewellyn-style mini-podcast recorded in Dan’s car en-route to the studio. Never has so much W&G been unleashed on a single day; probably with good reason.

As usual, the main episode is available at the above link and on iTunes. The bonus easter eggs, however, are only available at the above links.

Series 2 will continue in earnest on Sunday 27th March. Enjoy!

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