Pamela So

To the Collins Gallery to see Pamela So’s multimedia installation, ‘The Collector’s Landscape’. It’s a combination of new and found pieces, the found pieces being photographs taken by her mother and father and personal affects of each.

Sepia-tinted figures from the Chinese garden scenes of her father’s photographs have been relocated digitally into scenes of the Botanic Gardens and the gardens of stately homes around Glasgow. Other parts of the installation were created using traditional Chinese paper crafts while others were made using new video techniques. The result is intended to be a clash-of-cultures affair and a portrait of the artist’s mixed heritage. As one kid wrote in the guest book: “It is good”.

While there, I asked whether or not I could take a photograph or two for my blog. “Your blog?” asked the chick on the desk. “Yeah, is that okay?” “Sure. I’m just doing mine now,” said she.

Everyone in the art world is a blogger it seems. Perhaps this is due to a neurotic or at least self-fascinated streak shared by arty people (Robert Wringham no doubt included) or at least the idea that all art is in one way or another autobiography. I mused over this idea, as we both stood in what was essentially one massive self portrait.

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