I’d gone out without a bag as usual, so as I walked home from the shops, I found myself juggling some vegetables and two “fishless fishcakes.”

I was already dreading the conversation if I bumped into someone I knew. Why do I do it to myself?

Coming through the park and rounding a corner, I spotted some kids fighting. Two boys and girl seemed to be duffing up another girl on the floor.

I knew I’d have to do something. Could I pick two of them up by the collar like a Beano dad? I wasn’t sure.

As I moved closer, I saw that the girl on the ground was laughing and someone else was saying “Rarr, look at those muscles.” It was all just fun! Fun was happening! Not gang warfare at all.

But can you imagine if I’d had to intervene in a brawl? Even without the fishless fishcakes to worry about?

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