Wringham and Godsil’s Alphabites

Between 2009 and 2012, I recorded an improvised podcast with my friend Mr. Daniel James Godsil. It’s a shambolic affair and our Derek-and-Clive moment. Probably not suitable for the queasy of stomach or soft of eardrum.


Rob is aloof and likes jazz. Dan is friendly and likes pineapples. Together they are Wringham & Godsil, best of friends, worst of enemies, and subject-hosts of the Alphabites podcast.

Recorded live at Dan’s studio in Dudley, England (and occasionally in a pop-up podcast igloo in Montreal, Québec), the entire series is available to download via iTunes or via the direct download links below.

We also ran a series of live podcasts at the Edinburgh Festival in 2011.

Series 2

Episode 27: A is for Beginnings
Episode 28: M is for Motorway
Episode 29: R is for Ripping
Episode 30: Y is for Your Wife’s Vagina
Episode 31: J is for Jesus Ween

Series 1

Episode 1: G is for Ghosts
Episode 2: P is for Paperclips
Episode 3: M is for Money
Episode 4: L is for Local
Episode 5: T is for Trailer
Episode 6: E is for Etterick
Episode 7: F is for Fish
Episode 8: D is for Derek
Episode 9: H is for Halfords
Episode 10: X is for Ten
Episode 11: S is for Science
Episode 12: N is for Neige
Episode 13: C is for Crisps
Episode 14: B is for Bagel
Episode 15: I is for Imran the Inuit
Episode 16: A is for Adam
Episode 17: K is for Kilroy’s Ilk
Episode 18: O is for Oreos
Episode 19: U is for Urinal Fly
Episode 20: W is for Warm and Wobbly
Episode 21: J is for Jacko
Episode 22: Y is for Yes, it’s a pumpkin!
Episode 23: R is for the Robert Wringham Show
Episode 24: V is for Vegetarian
Episode 25: Q is for Quint (Halloween Special)
Episode 26: Z is for Honesty, Honestly

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