Reader Questions

Dear Blogosphere Amigos,

I got a few questions for you, the members of my beloved ‘flist’. They are all of a wholly different nature to one another so pay attention and read them all. Just because the first one doesn’t apply to you (“Yuck! Technical?”), doesn’t mean that the rest won’t. You may be able to assist me in a number of capacities.

1) How the hell do you adjust the background of a MySpace page? Seriously. I’m at a loss.

2) Is anyone in my immediate blogosphere going to be attending the All Tomorrow’s Parties event in Minehead this weekend? If so, me too. Let us meet up.

3) Is anyone interested in producing a series of instrumentals to accompany a humourous/absurdist podcast series written (and possibly voiced) by yours truly?

3.5) Would anyone with a beautiful or interesting accent fancy narrating said postcast?

4) Does anyone remember those speech-bubbles in The Beano originating from outside of the frame with the words “Reader’s Voice” next to it? How weird was that? Was this the only children’s comic to break the fourth wall so literally, frequently oddly?

5) I finally sold out and got a MySpace page. You may have guessed this from Question One. You can view my page here. So far it’s just a ‘best-of’ this blog and a little profile. Do befriend though. There will be some proper opinions on MySpace in the blog soon.

6) Does anyone feel overly self-conscious when using a proper digital camera to take photographs of what might be considered by the general public to be non-events or non-objects? If so, do you think that the purchase of a nice camera phone might help to alleviate said awkwardness (in that everyone seems to take photos of anything and everything with their mobile phone without being harassed).

That is all.


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