Suction Cups

On Monday I went in for a redo of the allergy test. A nurse applied the sticky, circular patches to my back and then on Wednesday, as instructed, I peeled them off.

Today I return to the dermatology clinic to hear the end-of-week results, though I’ve already seen in the mirror that the only reaction I had was not in response to the allergens we tested for but to the glue they used to apply the patches.

“Congratulations, you’re allergic to surgical gum!” is hardly a useful result. Why do I always confound science? In high school I spent a semester twiddling the wrong knob on a microscope and looking backwards into my eyeball.

I’d been planning to write in my diary today that “the little red circles of eczema make it look like I’ve wrestled a giant octopus.” You know, because of the suction cups on the tentacles. But now I can’t do that can I?

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