The Podcast

“Rapina vestri auris eminus”

Go and listen to the podcast I’ve done with a man called Dan.

It’ll be on iTunes next week so get in there before it takes over the world.

The subject? Ghosts! Well, sort of.

Here’s the promo blurb:

Wringham and Godsil are from two different worlds. Wringham likes hollandaise sauce and Will Self. Godsil likes brown sauce and Jeremy Clarkson. Will they have anything to talk about on this podcast? Tune in to find out!

Robert Wringham (writer, comedian) and Daniel Godsil (radiophonic guru) take an anarchic and randomly scheduled look at science, religion, culture and the troubles of modern life. Sensless conspiracy theories, experimental science, interesting ‘facts’ and groundless prophecies are at the heart of this outlandish podcast duologue.

In this installment, Rob and Dan discuss the benefits of placenta-eating; Dan’s fear of beards; the true identity of Pacman; the size of Rob’s penis and the real Jesus-loving motives of Richard Dawkins.

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