Wil Hodgson – Straight Outta Chippenham

Originally published at The Skinny

There is a fine line between comedy and therapy; you fart your vulnerabilities, fetishes and phobias into the room and hope for the best. Wil’s problem seems to be that he can never fit in: his coveted membership of skinhead society is marred by his house full of Care Bear and My Little Pony toys; his acceptance into Care Bear society (if there is such a thing) is scuppered by the fact he’s a 30-something pink-haired Punk Hulk. A Shrek-like figure, Wil is scary from a distance but adorable up close. His set is about vulnerability, acceptance, truth and honesty. He’s also the first to admit that his routine is less ‘stand up’ and more a documenting of the trials of his tragic character. He doesn’t seem too worried if no one is laughing, bringing to mind the Ted Chippington school of anti-comedy. “This is the sort of thing I have to contend with on a daily basis,” he says. This would actually be a good name for the show, since it is basically a listing of precisely that. You’ve missed him now though, you fools. Buy his DVD. It’s on the trendy GoFasterStripe label along with Stewart Lee and Lucy Porter, which speaks volumes about his style.

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