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Minty-fresh arts/culture magazine, The Mind’s Construction Quarterly has at last folded. A sad day for hip young intellectuals across the nation.

I had lunch yesterday with the mag’s editor, who is moving on to bigger and better things in web design and simply won’t have time to edit a quarterly magazine anymore.

The good news, however, is that it’s entire backlog of material (and there’s rather a lot of it) can now be read for free at the mag’s website.

Among this stuff is my own tMCQ backlog. Almost all of it is comedy related and a Stewart Lee interview is probably the highlight though I’m quietly proud of The New Satire. I’ve linked to it all below for anyone who is interested in such things.

On Wanting to Stay Alive: Robert Wringham meets Stewart Lee (An interview)

Why Not Sadowitz? (Review of Glasgow Comedy Festival 2006)

The New Satire (Post-9/11 Comedy)

Manifesto for a new United Kingdom! (Glastonbury Festival 2005)

In Truth No Beauty? (Nude Modelling)

I’ve also taken up writing book reviews for The Skinny. Dunno how frequently I’ll do this but at present there are two in the bag. The first is a review of Paul Auster’s Travels in the Scriptorium.

For some reason I’m not in the latest edition of The Idler, which is a bit of a disappointment as it was supposed to contain the first of a series of columns about libraries. Not to worry. We’ll see what the next edition brings.

Meanwhile, work on my own magazine, The Escapologist progresses slowly but surely and I’m sending proposals off left right and centre for books (!). More news about these half-assed projects some time in the distant future.

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