Fish Menu

At a seminar this afterlunch on web design, I showcased my silly new ‘fish anatomy’ homepage. “That’s a menu?” someone asked in childish delight. “Incredible!” exclaimed someone else.

The thing is, this design took about ten minutes to do. I just scanned in an old anatomy picture, added bits of text and applied the hyperlink hotspots. Fuckin’ simple. But alas, these web design courses don’t really teach you how to be creative aesthetically or even why you’d want to create anything beautiful or worthy of remark. It’s all just about html tags and defining the ‘correct’ node/link/anchor terminology.

Here’s a little preview of said fish menu:

10/10 for imagination perhaps but about 2/10 for technical knowhow. It’s just an anatomically labeled haddock with a few intrusive links to my pages thrust in for good measure. I do enjoy that the link to my new magazine idea (more on which is coming soon, by the way) is right by the anus and urinary bladder.

Amusingly, one guy asked me whether I think of everything in terms of fish. I replied that while I percieve things mainly within a pondlife or freshwater construct, my worldview – far from being exclusively fish-based – also includes bulrushes, dragonflies and small amphibians.

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