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I’ve always liked that sort of wallpaper popularly considered to be gaudy. The Mitchell Library in Glasgow has lots of it, hence the inspiration for today’s attempt at a homepage design.

While the Mitchell’s wallpaper (I’m lead to believe) was all custom-made for the library in the 1970s, I’ve used an original piece of William Morris wallpaper here and gone for an ultra-simple text-based menu (which I reckon is wise considering the in-your-face nature of the background). What do people think? Ace? Bosh?

“wallpaper menu” Originally uploaded by wringham
(and then ham-fistedly re-sized, hence the blurring. Just click the picture to
observe it in its natural habitat).

Incidentally, this entry was created using the clever image-blogging feature at flickr. I never thought I’d be the sort to get a boner over technology but I gotta admit that cool things happen when servers talk to each other.

I promise I’ll get over this boring nonsense soon, settle down on a homepage design and get back to the usual stimulating commentary. It’s all a part of [re]inventing myself before things start to fall off.

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