Mela Queue

To Kelvingrove Park for the annual Mela. There was some enjoyable queuing behaviour at one of the food stalls. The queue was long and in fact transected the path where non-queuing people were simply walking in the park and had to keep pushing through the queue and saying “sorry,” and “excuse me.” A man with a ponytail in front of us muttered that it wasn’t an ideal situation and that if only people would queue along the path instead of across it, all would be well. “That would require some sort of leadership or group decision-making though,” I said, to which he decided to announce the plan to the rest of the queue.

Amazingly, people actually did what he suggested and the queue willingly hooked around so that it went along instead of across the path. I was surprised to see anyone cooperate. Samara asked if he’d like to be Prime Minister.

A moment later, the food stall proprietor came out, waving his arms. He shouted “No, no, no! Across! Across! Straight!” and we all moved back to our previous position.

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