No more than twelve

To Tramway to see an exhibition called “The Theatre of Robert Anton.” Anton gave puppet-based performances to audiences of no more than twelve and with the strict proviso that they remain undocumented. As it should be, no video of his performances exist. Instead, we have this travelling exhibition of some of his puppets, set designs, and scrapbooks of media coverage. The scrapbooks are lovely as they begin as local press clippings taken and treasured by a young Anton and gradually chart the growth of (if not “his success”) an international curiosity about his work. The impression we get of Anton is of a quiet but passionate artist getting on with it and not trying to court fame or too much attention. Which is probably as it should be.

Remembering my Edinburgh Fringe audience of six, I might start demanding that my audiences do not exceed twelve.

Ah, shit. Haunted my phone again:

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