Scottish Joke

Gaining some moral high ground today by recycling some glass bottles, I was dismayed to see a great and excitable dog bounding around the compound.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m mildly frightened by the shaggy unpredictability of dogs and there was surely no avoiding this slavering cack-caked Hellhound.

Dog Owner: Macduff! Get over here, boy! Macduff! Come back!

Me: Perhaps you would try a lead on Macduff?

A lead on Macduff.

I don’t often make jokes.

And Now:

Noting some room for improvement in Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels I come up with this:

Gulliver: Excuse me, Sir. Is this the room of answers?

Laputan Scientist: Is this the room of answers? Is this the room of answers?

Gulliver: Next door along then?

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