Some Cuttings

Keep an eye on my delicious links, kids.

I’m in the process of chucking out a large collection of newspaper cuttings. What’s the point in saving them when they’re all online? So I’m tagging them in delicious instead. Better organised than a paper file and it takes up less of my real estate.

The only items I’ve kept so far is an advertorial put out by Bono’s ‘Red’ company in 2007 about the rise of the conscious consumer (which doesn’t seem to be online due to it being essentially an infomercial); and an obituary to Jacko Fossett. The latter is online but my version has a photograph. Take that, cyberspace.

One cool thing is a 2002 supplement/special report on how not to fuck the planet up. A nice precursor to the society of rampant recyclers we have become. This supplement features my oft-quoted factoid: “without bees the planet would last for only 60 years”.

There is some kooky stuff in my cuttings file and some of it is very old. Enjoy.

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