19 March 2020 | Diary

I haven’t seen a moth in here for a while. I wonder if Covid-19 has… Oh. There’s one.

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Parasitic Wasps

25 September 2019 | Diary

Friend Kristin has read my moth diary and she’s keen to tell me about a “natural” solution involving parasitic wasps. Apparently you release the wasps at home and then seek out any unhatched moth eggs, feasting on them as the world’s grossest caviar. Unleashing some wasps is immensely appealing, but I can’t help wonder if […]

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First Rule

28 August 2019 | Diary

All of the low-use fabric items in our home (bed linens, winter clothes) are neatly stacked and stored in vacuum-sealed bags, which always amuses any friends who happen to notice. They think I’m an anal-retentive madman. While I’d be lying if I said the zip-locked order doesn’t appeal to that side of me, it’s really […]

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The Survivor

19 August 2019 | Diary

As I opened my umbrella this morning, a moth flew out of it.

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Snob Moths

18 August 2019 | Diary

My trousers, dear diary, have fallen. To moths I mean. And not just any trousers. These were the long-loved, Italian wool Cad & The Dandy trousers. They were something of a souvenir of the days when I could afford such things. I’d had them for over ten years and I’d been planning to pass them […]

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