Companies House of Murder

I learn today from All Killa No Filla that Patrick Mackay’s nickname was “The Psychopath.”

Well, that’s hardly good enough is it?

Usually, a serial killer’s nickname is location-based (e.g. “The Beast of Legoland”) or it comes from their victim demographic (“The Drycleaner Murders”), murder method (“The Fuzzy Felt Killer”), or origin story (“Son of Scrabble”).

I know serial killers don’t line up to register their name at some sort of Companies House of Murder, but calling yourself “The Psychopath” is like going around as “The Killer Man” or something. Just Rubbish. Note to all serial killers: the nickname should distinguish you against the other serial killers, not the general public.

Hey, if your thing was strangling tourists at Loch Ness, would you be called “The Loch Ness Monster” or would you run into trouble with the Companies House of Cryptids? Genuine Question.

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