The Muting of Internal Racket

In the cinema the other day, I found that I was still thinking about my projects for the first half-hour of the action.

This is unusual. I normally find that sitting in the darkness with nothing but the film in front of me is a surefire way to mute the internal racket.

So today, drastic action clearly required, I sit down with notebook and pencil.

I empty my thoughts onto the verso and then form a mid-term plan on the recto. I then smash said plan into reasonable, doable tasks for ToDoist to gobble up and for me to forget about.

And now I know where I stand. It’s like a reset button.

This seems to be something I just have to do once every few months. I think it’s because, when all’s said and done, I’m actually a bit thick and need to think things through very carefully if I’m to understand them on a level visceral enough to do any good.

Whatever the reason, I now feel like I’ve been through whatever the opposite of a threshing machine is.

And now… back to the hard drinking.

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