Robert Wringham über Eskapismus: German Press

04 November 2016 | Announcements

Ich Bin Raus, the German language edition of Escape Everything! has been doing well in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We made it into the top 100 of the book chart and ordered a second print run after just a month. Here’s a collection of press cuttings, largely interviews and reviews. Berliner Zeitung Focus FÜR […]

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12 April 2016 | Announcements

I made a promotional video for the book! It’s one part A Clockwork Orange trailer to two parts MS PowerPoint. Hope you like it! Be sure to turn the speakers on.

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Pure Riddy at Glasgow Comedy Festival 2016

09 March 2016 | Announcements

The amazing ‘Pure Riddy’ comes to the comedy fest this year. These nights are always ace. I’ll be reading from my teen diaries at the March 24th show. Get your tickets here.

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Pure Riddy 2: October 7th 2015

30 September 2015 | Announcements

Doing five minutes of GOLD (alongside 12 other readers with their own golden fives) at Meadhbh Boyd’s lovely, supportive, hilarious gig. Come! Glad Cafe, Glasgow. October 7th at 19:30.

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Event! October 11th, 6pm.

19 September 2015 | Announcements

Yea, I’m doing a night of readings for MyBookcase at the Project Cafe in Glasgow. It’s going to be fun. You’ll see if it isn’t. I’ll read from A Loose Egg but also from my favourite dead humorists including Jerome K. Jerome, Dorothy Parker, and Douglas Adams. What gets read after a certain point will […]

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Egg: Reviewed

24 May 2015 | Announcements

Quietly proud of this book review from 6th Beatle, Dick Bourgois-Doyle at Canus Humorous. Wringham’s book, A Loose Egg, cracks me up like few others. Light and silly, it seems dedicated to no other purpose than to amuse people like me […] There is, nevertheless, something profound in Robert Wringham’s writing. A creative take on […]

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Pure Riddy

07 May 2015 | Announcements

I’ll be reading at Pure Riddy, part of the Glasgow Southside Fringe, on 21st May.

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Shortlisted for 2015 Leacock Medal

03 April 2015 | Announcements

It’s with great pride and a potent speedball of British and Canadian shyness that I announce my being shortlisted for this year’s Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal: the annual prize for the best humour writing in Canada. Did you hear that? The best. I’m at least the fifth-best humorist in all of Canada at the moment. […]

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New Book: A Loose Egg

08 November 2014 | Announcements

Here it is. I’ve got a new book out. It’s the long-anticipated (read inevitable) humour collection. It’s a 150-page anthology of refined and beautified diary entries, magazine items, and completely new material. I think you’ll find it properly hilarious, madam. The new book is called A Loose Egg and you can buy it from […]

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Escape Everything!

01 August 2014 | Announcements

With much pride and undignified dancing, I can now announce plans for a New Escapologist book. It’s to be called Escape Everything! It will be a chunky and beautifully-designed book of brand new work written entirely by yours truly (with perhaps a foreword from a New Escapologist favourite). It will be the definitive guide to […]

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